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Quality Representation with Integrity in Georgia Family Law, Immigration Law, and Landlord-Tenant Law

The Law Office of Judith Delus, P.A. is a diversified law practice dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the high quality legal representation and personal attention they need. Located in Brookhaven, Georgia (suburb of Atlanta) our practice serves a wide base of clients requiring help with family law, immigration law and landlord/tenant law

No matter what type of legal situation you are facing, we will stand by your side and fight aggressively for your interests. Our 97% track record for fair and unbiased decision making will make seemingly insurmountable legal issues possible to overcome. Our multifaceted law firm is here to assist by providing a wide range of boutique legal services at prices that will not break the bank. To schedule a consultation and speak with one of our attorneys, simply give us a call at (678) 653-1121 or Contact Us via our website today!

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Family Law

The Law Office of Judith Delus, P.A. in the Atlanta Metro area provides divorce and family law services that reflect who you are. Our strategies are tailored to help you achieve your goals of closure, and of new beginnings. READ MORE

Immigration Law

Attorney Judith Montgomery is a product of immigration, and is passionate about helping to protect the rights of those who are looking to achieve the American Dream. Whether that means seeking citizenship, attaining a Visa, or going through any other immigration-related case, we are here for you. READ MORE


Whatever the situation, if either the tenant or the landlord fails to meet their obligations, an attorney can help protect your legal rights. Our firm is particularly passionate about holding landlords accountable in providing the same level of quality in their rental units as they would provide for their own families. READ MORE


I recommend Attorney Delus. I hired Attorney Delus 6-12 months ago. Attorney Delus handled my Landlord/Tenant matter. I hired attorney Delus to represent me in landlord tenant case and she was able to get my matter settled.
Elise, Landlord & Tenant Client